A Spooky Sight at the Cemetery

Jeff and his son Miles were on their way home in Dayton, Ohio. They drove past a small cemetery with only flowers and markers. “It looks like a big garden,” Jeff says on the podcast “Monsters Among Us.

But then Miles, who is only three years old, stopped singing and pointed to the cemetery. He said, “Look at all those people!” Jeff looked, but he saw no one. He asked Miles what he meant. Miles said, “All those people over there. There are so many grandmas.”

Jeff felt a cold shiver as he asked Miles what the people were doing. Miles said, “They are just standing there, looking at the grass.”

Jeff was so scared that he drove faster and got home. Later that day, Miles was watching TV and said to Jeff, “You know … they were not alive.”

Jeff thought Miles was talking about the cartoon, but he was wrong. Miles said, “Those people we saw … they were all frozen.”

Jeff wonders if his son has a special gift or a vivid imagination.

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